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Useful Information on septics

Useful Information on septics

Are you in the market of buying a property on a septic system, or know of anyone that is?

If so you might want to ask the sales agent this question, “When was the last time the septic was pumped out?”

It’s not law here in NSW that the septic needs to be pumped out before selling or as part of the sales contract, but you may like to make it a part of your contract.

It is recommended that septics be pumped every 3 to 5 years otherwise scum and solids build up and reduce the working volume. When this happens the waste water has less time to settle and solids flow into the absorption trench and clog it up. This drastically shortens the life of the trench and may require costly repairs.

Also if you are renting a property that is on septic it is your responsibility to have it pumped out as per above, or before vacating.